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  • The Most Romantic Places in Rome

    Where’s a romantic spot to propose in Rome? Rome is the most romantic city in the world. Frankly, just about any spot in Rome is at least reasonably romantic. Pick a sidewalk table anywhere in the city, order two cappuccinos and make your offer!

  • The Roman Colosseum

    “The restoration involves the whole amphitheatre and can cost close to 30 million”. Plans are in progress to finance the restoration. The plan involves commercial sponsorship that will pay for restoring the Colosseum. Bidding for the project began in August and will continue until October 31.

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  • Visiting St Peters and The Vatican

    St. Peter’s is incomparable to any other architectural place of worship in Rome. Get a free guided tour guide to see St. Peter’s and learn who could be buried under the altar...

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  • Discover Ancient Rome's Fascinating History

    English speaking tour guides in Rome provide guided tours throughout these areas at a very affordable price. These tours give you little to no waiting in lines

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  • Rome's Fountains and Ways To Stay Cool

    Most of the folks that traveled to Italy say the first taste of gelato (Italian ice cream) is one of the most unforgettable experience of their Roman trip.

    Learn how to stay cool in Rome.

  • 5 Fun Facts About Rome

    Planning a trip to Rome requires some careful research. You need to know details like how to get from the airport to the hotel without problems. Making hotel room reservation online can ensure the reservation process goes smoothly. You will want to make a list of places you want to dine at and the “must see” sights. Do you know Rome well? Here are some fun facts you should know.


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Whether your holiday in Rome will be for Easter services or a planned vacation in the bustling streets of Rome in summer; you're sure to need a Rome travel guide and this site aims to show you Rome like you have never seen. Within our pages includes bus, train and other travel information; sites to see like the Parthenon , St Basilica, the Vatican and when are the best times to visit.

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A Rome vacation getaway would not be complete without a visit to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain or getting a fresh gelato from a street vendor. Plan your trip to Rome today and get special tips on what to see and how to save money on your holiday in Rome.

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